Participating in the ISCP weekly Open Doors Thursday. The beginning of the day was busy. I got to meet nice people but I got tired pretty fast. I retreated into my studio and started to log/quasi-edit Signal #6 (Cifas) footage which was shot by by Camille Laufer in 2017. Here is a raw cut of the Trans-Horse Parade and some footage form Care & Control workshops.

My visit to Staten Island (on Monday) felt like a beating, I’m still recovering. Busses were late, I was late, it was hot and I was so sweaty I couldn’t hold my camera rig steady. I didn’t have stamina to direct the interview I shot. The footage is almost good, better then I feared (More on that later). Bought a Rode RodeLink Wireless microphone system which worked well (Learning how to balance the audio will take a while).

Discovered Kensington Stables at Prospect Park. 45$ for an hour with a horse – Not bad! I learned from the news that there are a drastic development plans for the area and the local urban horse culture is under thread. I guess I’ll go to a riding class next week.

Why the Ed Sheeran lawsuit makes no sense (2018) Adam Neely. A very convincing video, arguing that some copyright lawsuits benefit lawyers (who work for corporations), at the expense of artists (who work for music).


Updated the Ore.e Ref. Trans-Horse page. The site is now over 10 years old (earliest Wayback machine save is from 2011)! Added new texts (on top of the old), new photos and new links. Particularly the Trans-Horse link list is convincing… Trans-Horse has produced new works annually for almost five years.

I also like that teaching has been a part of the project from the start. In 2014 we taught friends how to work with horses (from the ground) and we’ve managed to scale these sessions into a full-blown educational program, with lectures, horseface-to-humanface teaching methods and texts. We should write more. I’ve been in contact with IssueX about the possibility to write about the Horse and Performance III course. I wrote a summary of this years course on the Hevoslinja blog (in Finnish).

Listening to BRMRF on Soundcloud.

Getting prepared for my 6 month New York residency is ISCP (Which is supported by the Alfred Kordelin foundation). Leaving in 42 hours. Packing my synths, prepared computer transportation, prepped my Sebago docksiders and looked up a gym in Brooklyn. I’ll be in NY this Friday and have my first meetings next Monday. I’ll be writing about horses in NY on the Hevoslinja blog (in Finnish) and about general art/city-experiences on this site. On this site I’ll use the tag New York for all residency related texts and Trans-Horse for horse stuff. It might take me a week to get an internet connection working which means that posts might be uploaded in bundles.

I was informed that Riveting hammer – Ingersoll Rand – Start 4 (a sound from the SOW collection) is used in an episode of Stories of Yore and Yours podcast (the sound is heard at 16min 15sek). The episode is a reading of a short story called Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (1961). The episode sound effect credit list is a fun read.


Horse & Performance III course for the University of Arts Helsinki (Teak) went well. We worked with 10 students and two horses, learning how to care for animals and each others. Students gained elementary skills in reading design trough poststructuralist lenses and how to think with horses. The course lasted for five days. Yesterday students presented their demo-exercises for the group and I learned a lot about horses. Pietari and I concluded the evening by celebrating the course as the pinnacle of posthumanistic artist education.


We manufactured eight Trans-Horse medals from recycled aluminium with Jesse over the weekend. I’ll send five of them to Brussels to honour the participants of the Trans-Horse Parade. The Parade was a part of a series of horse related performances we prepared for Signal #6 Festival / Cifas last Autumn. Casting the aluminium was relatively easy (we succeeded in making one medal in 20minutes!). The horse in the medal is The Awaited Son (A drawing based on the photo can be downloaded from OpenClipArt). I’m really exited to send a medal to the Cavalry department of the General Reserve of the Federal Police of Belgium! Other recipients are horse stables around Brussels and the staff of the Schaerbeek recycling center.

We are preparing the third Horse & Performance course for the Theatre Academy Helsinki with Pietari.

I’m preparing a performance for the Kone foundation Lauttasaari manor spring party with the Neighborizome crew. Repurposing an old Trans-Horse ethical infta text for a small publication I plan to share with my audience.


ERD/WORM an eurorack module with soil as one of the components announced by artist Martin Howse. He is also running interesting (but expensive) Wormed Voice -workshops in London.

Took part in the independence day protest events with Pietari. We followed the mounted police through the night. The evening was uneventful and I have a hangover.

Preparing my presentation for the Creative Commons and Art seminar tomorrow at the Pori Art Museum.