Water is an organ #ॐ. During my ride to Kensington stables I must have lost liters of liquids. It took me three days to recover, I hurt my back and I lost concentration. Recovering.

Bumped my bike on the Williamsburg Bridge railing, flew over the rod and bent my front wheel. Only bruises. Forced the wheel back to shape by kicking. It was 18:45. I searched online for a bike repairs shop. One was open for an other 15 min. Rushed to the shop, the wheel rubbing against the breaks. Got a spoke nipple tightener, the very last they had on rack. Cruised home and fixed my bike. A successful Sunday.


An artist in Helsinki who’s active on twitter has been writing a critical commentary of art-life, culture institutions and exhibitions for a half a year now. The blog is called Hampaat (teeth) and it’s an interesting albeit a tad cynical source for local art-news and art-thought. The most recent post is called YOUR COLLEAGUES ARE THE PROBLEM. The text feels like it’s very critical towards someone but that person is not identified… Which makes me paranoid (am I part of the problem? *laughs nervously*). The author identifies the figure of the “reputation avatar” (derived from the work of Gloria Origgi, a podcast about her book online) and tries to pinpoint moments were artists work primarily to maintain their reputation. I often engage with work to merely to maintain my reputation (but I don’t think it’s a bad thing).

The criticism of art mirroring our times (as a justification for the lack of critical thought and practice in art) is something I agree with. Elaborate media-artworks which I’ve seen recently (most of which are related to AIs) should be read as blatant celebration of media technology, innovation and capitalism (and not it’s critique). A hammer cannot be critical of a hammer #ॐ. The artist status should not be used as an excuse from ethical concerns: When artist use AIs they have the opportunity to be just as unethical as the übers and googles of the world.

The author is also critical of the recent trend of “melding art with science” and claims that “the situation of art as a site of knowledge is rotten at the core”. I agree to an extent. Artist are sometimes portrayed more pure hearted then they are. There seems to be consensus that artist would use science for the good of people if only given the chance. Which is not true – Artist are not healers. The text also makes me ask that why would anyone want to learn about Barad from an artist who reads Barad (if they can learn from Barad herself)? And to ask that in what circumstances is learning from an artist about Barad (instead of Barad herself) more efficient/better/smarter?


Pietari shared a gruesome story from Amsterdam Dutch rewilding experiment sparks backlash as thousands of animals starve. A case-study for understanding the intersections of cross species solidarity and post-humanistic theory.


Practising with human silhouette targets at a shooting range does not help you to shoot more accurately, it helps you to shoot humans like you’d shoot silhouette targets.  #ॐ

How to remove a Community Page about me (When I’m not on Facebook)? There is apparently no way to contact fb directly and I can only make copyright/trademark claims to have it removed (which they’ve declined because the texts and photo is ripped from wikipedia). Made a new trademark claim:

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