The moment when you ponder, is claiming a Google account in your childs name intrusive or a rite of passage which should not be interfeared by the parents.

If life is about money, businessmen are the best leaders. #ॐ

Donald Trump is a politician of the attention economy age. He is an attention politician much like Putin, Berlusconi and Stubb. Such politicians work to convert national stereotypes into political dogma. They are nouveau-nationalist. Putin uses stereotypes associated with street thugs in drafting Russian foreign policy, Berlusconi used Machiavellian macho-culture to keep Italy in the focus of EU and Stubb went for sports to pave way for fund cuts on education and universities (conducted by the Sipilä administration).

Every Finnish media outlet is packed with news about Trumps presidential journey. USAs political efforts of becoming the centre of the world are working out well. Everytime Trump is mentioned our attention to local politics, the politics we could imagine to affect are hindered. Our imaginations are captivated with contemporary North-American mythology. He is a tool selling the American dream.

Democracy is being blinded by nouveau-grand-narratives (best illustrated in the the MacGyver reboot). Every sentence spend on Trump is a sentence lost from the critique of the Sipilä administrations neo-liberal shenanigans.