Contemplating how the sexual extravaganza of the youth has converged to clinical sexualiteracy (seksuaalilukutaito) of tomorrow.

We are at a turn when porn is being presented as a tool for personal health: “Have you been watching porn lately? You should swap genres periodically, so that you’ll stay motivated to lower your prostate cancer risk. Also.. Biometric analysis of your blood pressure indicates that you haven’t jerked off during lunch. It is recommend that you alleviate work related stress regularly. Keep productivity high friend. Pump up those quotas!”


The “Eroottinen prekariaatti 2 | Erotically Precariat 2 (2014)” copyright case was sorted and I now have the right to host it on youtube! Enjoy an hour of precoital labor negotiations at the sites of work. Workers include plumbers, car maintenance experts, secretaries, carpenters, blacksmiths, construction site managers, engineers, artist, electricians etc. The dialogue is hilarious and the performers often break the fourth wall with their self-conscious and ironic acting style. It’s particularly interesting to follow how the performers own professions as erotic entertainers is folded within the roles they assume. I’m convinced that some of the actors or film crew members have work experience from the professional fields they have chosen to illustrate. Some segments serve as carnivalization of workplace hierarchies and I imagine performing was liberating.


A video I made in 2014 “Eroottinen prekariaatti 2 | Erotically Precariat 2” has received a takedown notice on youtube. The 58 min long compilation shows extracts from work themed porn movies. No sex or nudity is visible… Only intros were workers negotiate and flirt with clients and each others. When they begin to undress a new intro scene cuts the action. The scenes are organized by types of labor (construction scenes, other blue-collar workers, office workers, creatives etc.).

One part where a worker seduces a coworker, has a 40s segment where “Who Knows” by Jimi Hendrix is heard. I’m now in a legal battle with Capitol Records and have argued that the the compilation is an artwork and that I have fair use rights to the material. If I lose my youtube account will be taken down. The video is currently part of a Circus Maximus production “House of Delights” at Kunstverein Neukölln in Berlin (by request of Milla Martikainen).