Bumped into an old video “Love Story for Post-Apocalypse” from 2010, which I made as a part of a theatre video-design project for Antti Manninen. I should make a sci-fi movie!

Currently writing a review of the “Fleshlight™ Freaks! The Alien” sextoy for the Esitys mag. I got it for a decent discount when I was interviewing Eero Meronen of the Yellow Rose sexshop.

I’ll have to remember to send an SMS to Pietari about joining Circus Maximus Association.

Wonder if bright mobile phone screens could be used for the to alleviate seasonal affective disorder.


An inspirational and revealing article about sexbots, how they serve as propaganda for patriarchal power norms and what kind of labor relations they advocate. “Botline bling” by Angel Archer. She also has a other leftist/sex analytical texts online.

“The Turkish artist Tayfun Serttas has even argued that there is no cultural heritage, only political heritage created by regimes whose goal is to consolidate and perpetuate their own power.”. An article on “Experimental Preservation” by Jorge Otero-Pailos & Lars Müller explains that without objects there is no field of cultural production. It also reveals a connection between Christian ethics and western conservation guidelines. “Transitional objects” are explained well towards the end and Pierre Bourdieu brought to play: “Bourdieu showed how theaters and museums help their patrons assert class differences and exert power in the larger social field”.


I’ll meet with a representative of the Yellow Rose sexshop on Monday concerning a text I’m writing for the Esitys mag.

I’ve listened through four >ect podcast episodes (The best one has been about Speculative Realism). The tone of the podcast series is challenging and possibly problematic. The presenters seem very critical towards popularised social justice activities, relativistic worldviews and some trails of feminist thinking. I’m having trouble aligning to their thinking, even though they claim that they are motivated to build some sort of common ground for future leftists activities.