Got on a trail ride at the Bronx Equestrian Center, Inc. yesterday. I was guided by Susie, who rode her horse Storm. My white horse was called Mystic the Percheron, who has also starred in The Greatest Showman. The trail took us around the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary, following the border of a golf course. The forest felt like a jungle, vines covered the trees, the phragmites were sky hight  and we saw deer while passing a creek. Reaching the stables was the hardest part, the ride went smoothly and after the trip I got to wash a few sweaty horses.

How Should a Museum Be? (2018) Stefan Kalmár. An honest plea to make museums more vital. Unfortunately I don’t think that museums have ever been made with good intents.

[…] in the 21st century, ideology and power manifest themselves primarily in the realm of the visual, rather than the textual. Hence, the removal of arts education is tantamount to an institutionalized programme of (visual) illiteracy.

What would it look like if a major museum engaged in the development of self-sustainable, well-designed, social housing projects rather than lend its name to a tower of luxury penthouses – as with New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the lavish 53W53 building? Our economic set-up today is geared to look to where the money is, not to where it isn’t.