Ville Haapasalo is more valuable for Finnish national defence than a F-35A Lightning II fighter jet. #ॐ Relationships keep peace.

Finns are the biggest consumer of coffee globally on a per-person basis – But we are not actually drinking coffee: We are drinking tea, in the shape of coffee. Cafeterias serve coffee in samovars. Big heated pots stands still for an entire working day and the drink is served too hot to taste, mixed with milk and sugar before serving. This makes our coffee taste like not-coffee. It’s bitter, weak and served in jugs – Consumed to keep warm. We are wasting valuable resources, expediting global warming while at it. All this just to proof that we are culturally different from Russians.

The saddest thing is that we are wasting good ingredients for our not-tea. The President brand for example, a blend of African and South-American variants, is a great for slowly brewed drips – When the beans are roasted lightly. But to survive a day in Finnish-Samovar Coffee pots without turning bitter the blend is often roasted dark which removes the earthly, borderline grasslike tones from it (I think the blend has some yirgacheffe in it). It makes no sense to prepare fine variants of coffee to be spoiled by trying to incubate them in a samovar. At best the drip coffee served in our cafes tastes like americanos, so why not go straight for espressos?

Our coffee culture is tea culture. Joining NATO is a bad idea. Putin is an ageing dictator and things are not looking good but NATO is not a peace organization. The only route for peace is a route towards peace.