I don’t like jazz but I enjoy that it exists. I like browsing Wikipedia entries which explain it and detail the artists involved. Browsing is faking research, which is faking working, which is faking there is work. And I couldn’t really concentrate on listening anyway because concentration would make me unavailable for work. Collecting reading lists is how I read… I don’t think I’m alone with this. We are heading towards a future were things don’t matter, because things are just copies of things once made. The remaining work is in building pretty constellations of things that once were and experiencing their temporal relations to the fullest. This experience does not propose transformation, it is only a browse trough a possible reality before the next. Browsing is self-affirming and performs a comforting fatigue: There is no work, there is nothing but work and I’m drowning in it. This is what browsing speaks to me. This is Industrial Loneliness. #ॐ

Communism Against Civilization or Eco-Fascism (2019) zoe4revolution.

As the climate disaster accelerates, the oppressed can build solidarity, increase their own chances of survival, and simultaneously become more experienced in the use of their autonomous power through the creation of networks of mutual aid. Collective networks for harm reduction, to address food insecurity, and provide medical assistance will hopefully be accompanied by the growth of autonomous organizations for the development and synthesization of revolutionary theory, for political mobilization, the dissemination of propaganda, and for collective self-defense.