An inspirational and revealing article about sexbots, how they serve as propaganda for patriarchal power norms and what kind of labor relations they advocate. “Botline bling” by Angel Archer. She also has a other leftist/sex analytical texts online.

“The Turkish artist Tayfun Serttas has even argued that there is no cultural heritage, only political heritage created by regimes whose goal is to consolidate and perpetuate their own power.”. An article on “Experimental Preservation” by Jorge Otero-Pailos & Lars Müller explains that without objects there is no field of cultural production. It also reveals a connection between Christian ethics and western conservation guidelines. “Transitional objects” are explained well towards the end and Pierre Bourdieu brought to play: “Bourdieu showed how theaters and museums help their patrons assert class differences and exert power in the larger social field”.

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