If everyone laughing in a room is being paid to laugh, is the one who payed for the laught truly laughing? Is he faking the laughs? #ॐ

Learning the KP3 ropes. As expected I’m pushing heavy with the effects. It’s such a thrill to use.

Visited the Ihme-days again. The Ihme-festival crew celebrated Kateřina Šedás “Tram-Buskers Tour” with a two hour long talk. She was interviewed by Hamza Walker who made a solid presentation. Unfortunately he was a big fan of Šedás work and his analysis wasn’t critical.

After hearing Šedá I had a revelation: The “Tram-Buskers Tour” is a passive aggressive artwork. It was portrayed as a positive and low-key experience but behind the smiles audiences and buskers were used as mere resource for a top-down artwork. She takes people through the ropes whether they want it or not. This sort of hostility to normativity is welcome but feels insulting when it’s served with a fake smile. I like my violence raw.

Šedá has compiled her post-soviet dissillusion and angst into an authoritarian artist practice, aiming crackdown hypocritical social structures. This approach works when her projects target western-capital-metropolitan areas, or when she works “to give a voice” to small villages she has worked in. But in the Helsinki context her work is colonial.

Instead of altering what we believe to be possible, she made us doubt our believes. She comes off as a bully.


Got the Artsi museum writing gig. I’ll make a 5 500 character text about Record Singers -group (1973– ) for an upcoming vinyl exhibition catalogue. The museum is planning to show the “Record Singers: ¾ – Johdanto ryhmän esitystaiteelliseen toimintaan.” documentary I made 2012. The writing fee is moderate but there is a fee for writing.

Making c-cassettes for the Ihme-days demo, preparing a 20min speak, baking and having a band rehearsal with Pietari.


Tampere Sokos Hotel Torni is has kitschy interior decor. They’ve combined raw concrete, naive illustrations of trains and pastel color panels shaped like the silhouette of the city. There is an ongoing art exhibition in the lobbies. The Tampere Artist Association has organized a selling event. Rooms are fitted with prints customers can buy. This room has one by Janne Laine. I have to ask if he’s had sales.

Working on a grant proposal for the Arts Promotion Center Finland. I calculated I have a 2-6% chance of getting a grant. My chances are further lowered as I got a 5 month project grant (8000€ -Insurance ~1200€ expenses) last year. They have a “fairness policy” which aims to distribute the funds evenly. The same artist is not likely to receive funding on consecutive years – No matter how good the project is and how well it has been received. This feels silly. When you get a project rolling they should push it further, but they cut your funding instead.

I’m re-using an old proposal we made for the Trans-Horse project. The Art Promotion Center guides applicants to apply for 1, 3 or 5 year projects. Which is why I’m making a 5 year project plan. I can apply for 1 and 3 year funding with the same paper.

What toggles how the brain samples information? Some data is clearly overdubbed and other re-written.

I think spam is a radar system of a sorts. It’s send through networks in intervals and where the areas where data gets clogged indicate the outlines of protected computer networks.


Default Comfort. The comfort of using a preset wifi ssid name, sitting in the city center, at a cafe, behind a computer which looks like the rest. Drinking coffee which taste you don’t have to evaluate. Default Core.

Puuuh. Made it. Out of twitter. I feel fucking free but I miss pictures. All I have is text. Entering Ekphrasis mode (As Pietari educated me). I have a e-mail newsletter people can sign up. If more than 10 people get on board I’ll start to sending them out 1-2 times a year.

Also.. Bought a Kaoss Pad 3 for 200€. Looking forward to learn how to work with samples live. Downloaded An adventure by Ella Kiviniemi, which has some nice quotes by urban rider Heikki Mikola. I’ll chop it into bits and trigger the samples from the pad. I imagine I can also use the KP3 for lectures.. In the past I’ve used horse-ambient samples from the computer to build an atmosphere for my talks. The KP3 gives me the possibility to control how my own voice is merged into the ambient soundscape. Saddly I don’t have time to learn how to use it before the Ihme-days events.

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