If a band consists of only multi-instrumentalists it’s not a band. #ॐ

Found some tools and a tutorial (from 2013) to advance the idea of using Novation Circuit groovebox as an external controller for FCPX or Premiere Pro.

All sampling is a form of cultural appropriation. The technology used in sampling superimpose a worldview that everything can extracted from their context, scrambled and reused. Sampling has nothing to do with samplers – Sampling is an approach to others. It’s musical roots are in notation which was a technology used to appropriate gregorian chants and folk art, all for the service of centralized regimes.

Samplers serve the modernist status quo. They are anti-taboo and make a mockery of religious and cultural orders which maintain their ethos by disallowing remixing. Samplers serve capitalism. They flourishes on the idea that nothing is too holy to be chopped to bits and resold in new packages. Samplers are totalitarian, you are either all in, share everything or get marginalised.

The remix-culture does not give a voice to the oppressed – It is extracting voices and compiling them to samplepacks and styles that can be easily analysed and controlled. The profits gather to an elite which benefits from having access to a quantized, processed and simplified data.

The open source, copyleft movement only benefits silicon valley. Besides the big companies, only open source evangelists make profits from open source. Majority of the people making profits speak English. Technology is not shared for free, it is distributed to subjectivity users. Richard Stallman drafted his manifestos in the same universities that innovated the musical sampler technologies.

Samplers serve a conservative cultural movement which stores, categorizes, appreciated and remixed iconic sound. Samples are a mockery of nature because they cling on the past. The museum is the ultimate sampler.

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