Default Comfort. The comfort of using a preset wifi ssid name, sitting at a cafe in the city center behind a computer which looks like the rest. Drinking coffee which taste you don’t have to evaluate. Default Core.

Puuuh. Made it. Out of twitter. Feeling free but I miss pictures. All I have is text. Entering Ekphrasis mode (As Pietari educated me). I have a e-mail newsletter people can sign up. If more than 10 people get on board I’ll start to sending them out 1-2 times a year.

Also.. Bought a Kaoss Pad 3 for 200€. Looking forward to learn how to work with samples live. Downloaded An adventure by Ella Kiviniemi, which has some nice quotes by urban rider Heikki Mikola. I’ll chop it into bits and trigger the samples from the pad. I imagine I can also use the KP3 for lectures.. In the past I’ve used horse-ambient samples from the computer to build an atmosphere for my talks. The KP3 gives me the possibility to control how my own voice is merged into the ambient soundscape. Saddly I don’t have time to learn how to use it before the Ihme-days events.

Changed eero.storijapan.net/blogfolio/blog to eero.storijapan.net/blogfolio/txt so that this site can be understood as “blog” and “txt” is left for official publications.

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