Swapped nearly every component on the Weird Sound Generator board but I’m still missing Osc. 2 on sounds A&B. The problem has to be with the potentiometers or wiring. After a week of intensive soldering I’m ready to settle with what I have. I’ll fix the casing next week. I’m dissatisfied even though I learned a lot about electronics and found inspirational projects like 3TrinsRGB1. I still have a board left and I’ll buy new parts for a second unit. Given that I have most of the tools (and spare potentiometers) already new parts will likely cost only 10-20€.

I could start saving for something easy to use and fun like an Novation Circuit or a Korg Electribe 2 but they feel boring. Even as this WSG working in 50% capacity it still sounds more alive then digital synths I’ve played with. Particularly the low sounds manifest raw power. During this debugging phase I’ve heard every sound imaginable from the device. Touching the wires can wield surprising and painful results. Knowing that the sounds are present in the circuit builds respect to the device.

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