Muu Association is seeking for proposals for their “Artbus” tour. The idea is fun: Take an audience on a roadtrip with a bus and present performances and artworks along the trip. The project is an adaptation of Leena Kela’s “Performance on the Road” festival.

They are currently looking for proposals but the fees they offer for artist are low.

  • They have 46000€ government grant for the tour.
  • They aim to reach three regions in Finland and to present 5-8 artist per region.
  • They offer a 300€ fee for participating artists (If every region would have 8 artists this would add up to 7200€).
  • How is the remaining 26 000€ used? 3 000€ for marketing a performance event? 4 000€ to rent the bus? 15 000€ for the production crew?

I think they should have aimed for fever artists and paid them more to develop site and context aware projects. Send them a proposal for a Trans-Horse related buss pulling / lecture performance (concerning horsepower). It was rejected. I drafted it with a 1500€ budget proposal.

Made a better version of my-new-work-song.

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