Anti-capitalism idolizes financial independency which is best manifested in the lifestyle choices of the super rich. Building co-dependencies between home economies, with the aim of accumulating and sharing wealth among extended families is presented as a bourgeoisie mindset. As an artist, I believe the latter beats independent efforts of navigating in the storms of capitalism by deploying an appetite for what is cool and scrambling for trickle down treats.

Working for an egalitarian welfare state run by hardworking bureaucrats is the best form of rebellion an artist can participate in. Hurray for public daycare, income taxation and other pillars of welfare state; the true underdog and avantgarde ideologies of our age. Aspiring for freedom is the cheap way out. Labor differentiates dreams from fantasies.

Honesty and true love require work. Freedom requires leisure.

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  1. We’re getting a mortgage for the first time in our lives and I find it really hard to argue in favor of it intellectually and politically. I see a modern double tendency in regards of housing. One is of course a dream of economical freedom best characterized by mortgage loan (and various housing bubbles). The other one is a more political trend of social design characterized by affordable rent market, subsidies for low income population and communes. I am definitely supporting the latter model (the modern wellfare state model), but am at the same time getting a loan that I realize is very hard to pay back in my lifetime. Maybe this actually is my rationale: the afterlife loan. Should one try to understand housing issues more in terms of religious thinking?

    1. Owning is a sin and you have to pay for it with monthly mortgage payments. Thanks to the all encompassing technosphere you cannot reconcile your sins through death. The loan refuses to die and will follow your offspring. Are there loans your predecessors and grandparents have taken which haunt you? Some old property lurking in the future? Sometimes loans are awoken like zombies (like the wartime reparations money which Germany owes Greece). Our government has payed for our education and health with loans, so our worldviews are designed by dept. It’s validity relies on specific cultural order. When the order changes drastically old debts are removed. Could depts be the primary motivation for building consistency through the ages? Dept has an interesting relation to data. The technology we use to monitor and archive data about debts is very advanced and secure. Would it be possible to sidechain blocks of new data into our current debt data? Would the most secure method for archiving classic literature etc. be to transcribe them inside loan agreements? If we’d immerse yourself into the dept could we achieve immortality?

      Don’t feel guilty about getting a mortgage loan. Use this as an opportunity to build yourself into a subject. Now you have the right to voice out opinions concerning housing, dept etc. as a “homeowner”. Your arguments will be taken more seriously.

        1. Karma-Economics? If you die owning money in this life you’ll be born as a working animal. Banks should offer loan payment reductions for atheists.

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