“Contemporary art” a form of human expression which people born early in the 1900 believed to portray the time we live in better form then any form of expression which predates 1970.

Performance art is similar to acting on stage but instead of playing a role according to a script the artist follows the concrete rules of the surrounding world and infrastructure. For example the artist can try to fix a broken coffee machine. The act of fixing a coffee machine can be a vague gesture as an artwork. But of course the artist can choose to fix something more interesting, like a broken heart. The artist might fail to fix the broken heart but this doesn’t mean that s/he has failed to produce an artwork. As a result of the failure we will learn that art cannot (or can) mend broken hearts. Performance art produces artistic information about the world and the value of the artwork is in the questions it poses.

“We need to kill Arabs,” declared one woman with a big laugh. She added that Israel must “kick out the Arabs.”

Shocking summary on a video detailing Israeli & Palestine conflict by Ben Norton.

How subversive artists made thrift shopping cool (2017) Jennifer Le Zotte

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