Practising with human silhouette targets at a shooting range does not help you to shoot more accurately, it helps you to shoot humans like you’d shoot silhouette targets.  #ॐ

How to remove a Community Page about me (When I’m not on Facebook)? There is apparently no way to contact fb directly and I can only make copyright/trademark claims to have it removed (which they’ve declined because the texts and photo is ripped from wikipedia). Made a new trademark claim:

Facebook has autogenerated a Community Page (generated based on what Facebook users are interested in) in my name. I’m not on Facebook and I don’t want the company to make a page for me. The page has been autogenerated because you believe that I’m a public organization, a brand or a public figure. Your algorithms are mistaken.

Why do you insist that I am a public figure, organization or a brand? I’m a human being.

The content on the Community Page is copied from a wikipedia entry in the Finnish Wikipedia, which you have not read – Because you don’t speak Finnish and you are a bot. I’ve accepted that the entry is used for educational purposes by Wikipedia. (Btw I’ve reached out to them to have the entry removed but they wont remove it either).

I don’t accept that my name and a photograph of me is used by facebook for profit. Remove the Community Page you have made in my name. I’m already me and I don’t want you to be me.

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    1. Jeah, if I mess up I’ll be reborn as a fb bot with a bloodlust. Why aren’t killer-chat-bots a thing yet?

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