Visited Performance art event (called Performance art event) at the Exhibition Laboratory on Wednesday. The event was organized by Salla Valle and Timo Viialainen. Viialainen also performed in the event followed by Helinä Hukkataival, Michel Ruths, Yuan Moro, Linda and Aura and the night ended with a cute performance Viljami Nissi. The mood of the event was good and there were new faces in the audience. Ruths and Moro were new artist to me. Ruths had moonshine from his home town with him, which he offered to the audience before we sang swedish songs together. Moro performed a ceremony which seemed to mix Eastern Orthodox Church and Buddhists rituals. He also recited some sort of folk tales, he had a strong stage presence. Nissi presented a simple love-story using a horse themed song, condoms inflated with helium and scissors. I send him the On the Road with Trans-Horse mixtape after the event.

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