Hipster and vintage looks are a camouflage. People wearing shaggy clothes can navigate past shady districts (for as long as their iPhoneX’s are set to silent and camera EXIF data removed). If people who own homes in Kallio, Eira, Töölö and Käpylä would wear clothing that matched the costs of their living arrangements they’d be robbed. I think it’s ethical to wear clothing that matches a person at their peak income style. This is why I’m planning to buy white Sebago docksides.

That artist wore a neon shell suit from 1998. You know the kind you’d steal from a heard broken aunt.

That artist had a daddy cap with brand-logos of corporations long gone. Those kinds you search for online.

Using makeup to hide that perfect skin. Oh why? Acne medication leaves a mask too perfect to hide.

We know that kind. Playing peekaboo with their class. Is that shame? I don’t have pity. No no!

That fool doesn’t know I have Sebago docksides coming my way. When they arrive we’ll steal the show. Ow ow!

Those fools will never see me coming. They’ll be blinded by white Sebago’s. Ow ow!

You got a boat? Great, lemme hop on. Peak income style all the way.

Please Sebago shoes protect me don’t lead me estray, for it is time to show I can go my way.

That artist doesn’t understand style. That artist can only see us leave, sailing away is style. Never mind us.

Storms ahead of us. Don’t worry we’ll be all right. Standing firmly on the dockside. Life is smiling on the dockside.

Every day is celebration when we’re on the dockside. Every day is a celebration when your shoes are up for a fight.

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