Americans have talent. I’ve walked past phenomenal subway performances, rock solid drum work at the curbs, witnessed stage charisma to conquer the world with and heard talks which melt hearts. After witnessing an abundance of near perfect artist presentations, a doubt has emerged: They can’t all be that good (in performance)… What am I missing?

I’ve come to understand that American aesthetics are the current definition of what talent is. They are not better singers, performers or artists: They are the definition of what contemporary singers, performers and artists are. What is considered talent and charisma is defined by American aesthetics.

For example. The European versions of “Got Talent”, “Idols”, “Dancing with the Stars” are not shows about finding talent and identifying charisma. They are shows in which performers compete on who best fits the American standards of the aesthetics of personal presentation.

Unfortunately “working outside ones comfort zone” has been deduced into a style. Americans are locked into a brawl with the past.

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