Heard Matthew Sullivan at an Control & Bánh Mì Verlag event on Monday. We were taken on a field-recording based sound journey. Birds, steel drums and distant chatter. I must have fallen asleep at some point.

Painted my Sebago docksides. Used turquoise, orange and gray (which looks purple due to the contrasting colors). I followed the shapes of the shoe. They look clownish.

Female voice as a tool to control crowds: Nina Power on soft coercion, the city, and the recorded female voice (podcast/short lecture from 2014).

On the “intellectual taproots” of degrowth. Degrowth Considered (2018) Max Ajl.

Since the chimera of sustainable development is an alibi for permanent growth, degrowth is meant to grab hold of the dominant discourse of growth, envelop it and its apologists, and in fact take on fundamentalism where one must: at the roots. The idea of degrowth, this book [“In Defense of Degrowth” by Giorgos Kallis, 2018] included, is meant as invitation to debate. Degrowth is not meant to replace communism, anarchism, or democratic socialism as horizons for human hope, and it is certainly not a recipe for disregarding class struggle.

European degrowth imagines, a bit unrealistically, a radical reduction in work itself. […] According to this way of thinking, we ought to expand time for play and leisure. The difference between the degrowthers and the accelerationists is the machinic intensity of the post-capitalist society. The idea of moving to unalienated labor does not really arise. I don’t buy this.

Can anyone imagine that a planned degrowth society would be allowed to emerge anywhere in the world, unbothered by the intrigues of those whom it threatened? So, if we need to degrow, and we do, one easy target is the machine of violence known as the US military, which is, after all, one of the world’s biggest polluters, and ought to be a primary target for removal, given that it is the sort of socially and ecologically corrosive production which most of the planet would be better off without. The sooner the better.

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