1. Motorola c520 (Dropped in a creek)
  2. Nokia i8110 (Bought used. Antenna broke)
  3. Nokia 6150 (Got as a gift)
  4. Nokia 6230i (Wanted a camera. Buttons broke)
  5. Nokia e50 (Wanted to write email on the go)
  6. Nokia 5530 (Brainfart)
  7. iPhone 3 (Got as a gift. Didn’t work well)
  8. Nokia N900 (Bought used. Broke after fall)
  9. Samsung s5690 (Wanted a phone that would not break)
  10. Samsung s3 (Wanted GPS. Screen cracked after fall. Tried to fix)
  11. Oneplus3t* (Wanted a fancy phone)
  12. Samsung J7 Prime (Needed a phone that works in USA)

All the phones I’ve ever owned (since 1998). Bought new 8, bought used/got 4. * Current phone.

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