The Bronx Slave Market (1935) Ella Baker.

Paradoxically, the crash of 1929 brought to the domestic labor market a new employer class. The lower-middle-class housewife, who, having dreamed of the luxury of a maid, found opportunity staring her in the face in the form of Negro women pressed to the wall by poverty, starvation, and discrimination.

No Scrubs (2018) Meagan Day interviews Kristen R. Ghodsee concerning the sexual freedoms socialism facilitated.

KRG: What we see is that when women have economic independence from men — in the sense that they can support children out of wedlock, they have jobs, they have pensions, they have access to housing and their basic needs like utilities and food are subsidized — they don’t stick around in relationships that are unsatisfying. When they can leave, they don’t stay with men who don’t treat them well.

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