Artdeed over artwork. #ॐ

An application I wrote for a five year project for the Art Promotion Center Finland was rejected. I applied from the “Monitaide” council. Monitaide is a completely new term for me (a direct translation would be Multiart). The English version of the page reveals it as Multidisciplinary Art.

Wrote applications for the Helsinki City Art Council (Police horse movie) and Alfred Kordelin foundation (Police horse movie and exhibition). Edit 31.10 / 1.2.2020: The Kordelin application was rejected / City Council application was rejected. Hmm.. Whats going on? If the Kone foundation grant is was a bust too. I’ll have to completely rethink my application game. It seems I can’t find an art organization willing to invest in work with horses, public space and crowd control (in a broad urban development  reaching sense).

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