All Finnish art funding organizations should combine their funds to provide a support package for artists (just learned there is a plan in motion). I think they should support artists with a tax-free fee which would cover living costs for three months, after which we could reevaluate the situation. I think this could be given unconditionally to artists who have received support from the foundations or the state with the last three years. I also think that art organizations should temporarily lower their grants to support a larger mass of artists.

Art funding by the state has been stuck in a model which values quantity over quality. I think this situation offers a great opportunity to focus on content.  The amount of visitors or the volume artworks an event hosts is not important anymore – This should make everyone happy! I believe that art spaces / organizations that show willingness to emphasis on content should be supported during this transitional period. Their efforts will provide a solid basis for “changing gears” of the art field.

Experiments with social distancing etiquette:

  • I just arrived from Stockholm.
  • I’m planning to come over for a few beers.
  • If you are concerned with my arrival, please PM me and I’ll invent a discrete excuse for not comming.
  • You can PM me during our meeting, I’ll makeup an excuse on the fly and leave.

Kissing is yet again a sign of a lovers dedication and victory over death.

I have full confidence in our government: If they would have seen a quarantine as a better option then social distancing, they would have called for it.

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