Malmi cemetery has it’s own well. The underground water is used for plants. It’s quality is unknown but it tastes good, mellow and has a clayish tone. Different taps have different tastes. It used to be pumped to a water tower here on the grounds but currently the pumps push the water straight to the waterholes. This cemetery gig offers multiple trajectories to explore:

  • History: Graves of notable pacifist, leftist and a relocated mass grave from the civil war period. There is a rumor that the north wall was an execution site.
  • Gardening: Urban farming (cherries, pears, plums, apples etc.) herbal and plant life knowledge.
  • Raw materials: Tapping to the local underground waters reservoir and collecting clay for sculpture or for making a cup.
  • Dérive: Learning African nations by reading the cemetery grid layout as the continent of Africa. Made my first draft for the Malmi cemetery layout as African states: 2020_malmin-hautuusmaa-kartta-afrikan-valtiot.pdf

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