Cuentos Patrióticos (1997) Francis Alÿs. Artist forms a self-organising assembly with sheep. The assemblies uniformity can be verified from its geometry and pace. It starts to dispense after the shepard releases their leash. In the process the sheeps solidarity to each other, sence of routine-established-security and alliance to men is tested.

Someone Explains How Poland Uses Clams To Control Its Water Supply And It’s Pretty Crazy (2020) Judita K. The title is self-explanatory. Here is a link to an article on the matter in Polish (with super pictures). In short: If the clams close their shells it is a sign that there is something wrong with the water. Their hulls are attached with sensors which measure their movement. Selected animals serve the water company for three months after which they are released. The article is illustrated woth pictures of a film called Fat Kathy / Gruba Kaśka (2019) Julia Pełka.

Listening to The Strangeness of Dub (2019) Edward George. Music history merged with philosophy! In episode ‘Oh, Slavery Days!’ George links the tones of solos played by Don Drummond, philosophy related to memory and liberation with the living history of Atlantic slave trade.

Folk who don’t work with crafts to sustain themselves underline a belief that mastery is a process were an artisan develops an intuitive relationship to materials they use. In practice the artisan is in a relationship with their tools and only trough them with the materials they use for their craft. The maintenance of tools (such as a furnace) takes up a considerable chunk of labor efforts. Ultimately a craft is a process where tools are maintained and made. The proper placement of tools around a workspace is most important. #ॐ

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