Q: Why Blog? A: Blogs Are Great. (2021) Marc Weidenbaum. A simple and joyful list for building up courage to write publicly. I don’t agree with the “4. Write for yourself first and foremost” argument. I get it and I do exactly that, but I want to emphasize that… What’s great about developing as a writer trough blogging is that it is a semi-public performance and you never know whose going to read it. When I write I feel a seeping awareness that someone will hold me accountable for what I say, so I’m challenged to find better ways to describe old ideas and made more aware of the text. I think blogs are especially great for the accountability they provide. Old (hidden but activist archived) blog-posts by neo-nazi-politicians are a good example. (Also… I don’t have a “Have a topic focus”)

Kritiikki on osa journalismia – Nummi ja Löytty sotasilla [Art Critiques are Journalism…] (2021) Pietari Kylmälä. A appendix to a recent interview of Olli Löytty. Kylmälä confronts the Helsingin Sanomat editors and questions their ethics. He ask why the art critiques the newspaper produces do not meet the same editorial scrutiny as the news. Kylmälä spots the deterioration of journalistic ethic and calls for additional resources. He also elegantly crushes Jyrki Nummi’s critique of Löytty’s recent book.

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