Fun electronics projects for solarpunk: Build a Solar-Powered Music Synth (2022) Iffy Books which is inspired by Ralf Schreiber solarsoundmodule (1996). Schreiber’ step-by-step manual on the latter beautify, as is the guide for suneater which links to Mark Tilden’s and Eric Seale’s work on solar motor designs. I’m planning to build a water-pump and sensor element for a water-purification machine, which could react to changing water levels & quality and user interactions. It’s supposed to become a fountain of sorts. Desperately keeping it non-technical, so that the tech part (which currently motivates me more the then conceptual function of the machine) won’t take over how the machine is interpreted. Ad-hoc’ish buggy gadgets like the suneater seem to work in the favour of looser interpretations. They have agency.

Also acquired a kintsungi kit to restore earthenware ceramics which were prepared during the previous Experimental Clay Workshop 2. The metals used in the technique might facilitate electronics too. Perhaps a porcelain cup as a electra distortion unit? Unfortunately the bomb-shelter studio is too cold to for intricate work.

I’m working on too much text and my neck is sore. I have art-reviews to edit, accidentally made a short column for a political journal and I’m scheduled to start working on an article on sustainable art residency culture soon. Also working on a institutional critique campaign which will likely be announced later this month and preparing a horse course for TeaK. Had a short lecture in the Fine Art Academy too (and examined a thesis there too). The students were expecting a talk on ecological art, so I had them form a bus row from chairs and took them on an imaginary road trip on Suuri Rantatie, chatting casually about horses. This year I’ve taught or had lectures in Aalto university, Fine Art & Theatre Academies, the Kankaanpää Art School and co-organized two workshops.

The book “Performance Art in Practice – Pedagogical approaches” (Worthwise 2022) edit. Aapo Korkeaoja, to which I submitted an essay four years ago is being launched next week in Turku. The text I wrote for it is more relevant to me now then when I wrote it. Here is a n extract which starts my text

I have always had issues with authority. This family tradition was passed on to me by my mother. I get offended when people tell me what to do and for this reason studying has been and still is challenging. Luckily Finland is a welfare state, and in the nineties primary school teachers were idealistic. They believed that everyone is good at something and their trust convinced me that my dissident attitudes would find acceptance in the field of art.

I try to pass on similar hopefulness when I get the opportunity to teach. In the past I’ve attempted to assert control over creative processes and I’m learning to get more comfortable with uncertainty. I fear that open processes end up strengthening existing ideas and do not enforce change, which I think is mandatory for combating the hostility of present societies.

Prepared a new category in-memoriam to the Ore.e Ref. site structure (root folders also include praxis and media). Added a celebratory 15 years in operations speech for Jesse, scribed to the marginal of a Casio 3769 manual.

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