Converted my Crescent 307 into a single speeder (52/16 for now, will go for a 19t 18t cog later) after fitting it with used Mavic Aksium rims. Got a chain tensioner for it too (might not need it though). Assembled a 7 gear bike by combining four different bikes on a salvaged Helkama Jääkäri frame. It’s got a front dynamo hub and a lamp too. Fixing the Shimano Nexus gears was difficult and I used bits from a CJ-NX10 to replace parts of a CJ-NX40.

The ratio 4 to 1 is interesting. There are one billion bikes in the world, if production halted for 40 years (which was the age of Jääkäri frame) we could still have 250 million bikes!

Learning how to roast Yirgacheffe beans. Bought 25kg raw from Kahvitukku ABI early in the spring. I need a new hot airgun to maintain roasting temperatures.

Fixing eurorack modules for friends and servicing a Neve preamp.

Working as a janitor for our housing company. Yet, living on savings.

Living the 31 year old expat in 2012-Berlin lifestyle.

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