Tuning my Patching Panda Operat (assembled last week) took some figuring. When the symmetry control was set perfectly in the middle and oscillation barely audible, the process failed. After failing numerously, I positioned the symmetry knob not-perfectly and sent a midi C1 from a daw via Keystep 32 CV out to the module. I send the audio back to the daw and read its tuner, turning the multiturn potentiometer (marked C1) until the tuner read 32.7Hz. I then sent C8 and turned the other potentiometer (marked C9) until the tuner read 4186Hz. I then sent C1 and C8 again, repeating the process 5-8 times until each C in between was in tune. I think C8 is the maximum for the Keystep. I could have executed the 9 Oct tuning between C0-C8 but the daw tuner couldn’t reach C0.

After tuning the EXP, TZ-FM, RM-AM etc. jacks ceased to work for a while and it took a reboot to get the module working.

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